Cheetos Discontinued: Cheetos Chips Leaves Ketchup Cheese Snacks

Cheetos Discontinued: Cheetos Chips Leaves Ketchup Cheese Snacks

The information available doesn't directly address why Cheetos Leaves Ketchup Cheese Flavoured Snacks were discontinued last year. These snacks were introduced as a limited time offering to celebrate specific themes or occasions, such as Canada Day, highlighting a classic Canadian potato chip flavor in a new snacking format with maple leaf-shaped snacks coated in ketchup flavor​​.

Limited edition or seasonal products like ketchup cheetos canada or cheetos canada are often intended to be available for a short period, which could naturally lead to their discontinuation after the promotional period ends.

If you're looking for more specific details about the discontinuation, it might be because the product was part of a marketing strategy to generate temporary interest and was never intended to be a permanent addition to the Cheetos Canada lineup. This is a common practice for snack Cheetos brand, allowing them to test new hot flavors and concepts with consumers without committing to a long-term production.

However, we invite you to explore our range of flavors for alternative hot Cheetos options. For those who enjoyed the ketchup cheese flavor, we suggest trying other ketchup-flavored snacks or the classic Cheetos Cheese snacks from our shop Snowbird Sweet for a similarly satisfying experience. Below are some alternative and snacking options:

1. Lay's Ketchup Chips Canada 235g

Lay's Ketchup Chips Canada


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  • Unique Canadian Flavor: Combines the classic crunch of Lay's ketchup chips canada with the tangy sweetness of ketchup, offering a distinctly Canadian snacking experience.
  • Available Internationally: Originally beloved in Canada, now available in the USA and UK through Snow Bird Sweets.
  • Distinct Taste: Features a unique blend of tangy tomato ketchup seasoning and spices, setting it apart from other chip flavors.
  • Generous Packaging: Comes in a 235g bag, perfect for sharing or enjoying over multiple snacking sessions.
  • Dietary Information: Contains gluten and artificial flavors. Consumers are advised to consult the ingredient list for specific dietary concerns.
  • Rich Canadian Heritage: Represents a piece of Canadian culture, celebrating the country's culinary creativity.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Made with real potatoes, cooked in sunflower and/or corn oil, and seasoned with a carefully crafted ketchup seasoning mix.
  • Nutritional Transparency: Provides detailed nutritional information, encouraging informed snacking choices.
  • Versatile Snacking Option: Ideal for various occasions, from casual gatherings to solo snack times.
  • Authentic Ketchup Flavor: The careful balance of seasonings ensures an authentic and enjoyable ketchup taste.
  • Accessible Gourmet Experience: Offers a gourmet snacking experience that's accessible to everyone, embodying the value of the Canadian ketchup chips market.
  • Purchase Locations: Available for purchase online at Snow Bird Sweets, catering to snack lovers in Canada, America, and beyond.

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2. Old Dutch Ketchup Chips - 220g

Old Dutch Ketchup Chips


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  • Award-Winning Flavor: Celebrated as Eat North's Canadian Best old dutch ketchup chips for their unbeatable taste and satisfying crunch.
  • Proudly Canadian: Made in Canada, embodying the tangy, tomatoey goodness that Canadians love.
  • Select Ingredients: Crafted from the finest potatoes and cooked in pure vegetable oil for irresistible crispiness.
  • Flavorful Secret: Infused with natural flavors, offering a perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes.
  • Versatile Snack: Ideal for any occasion, from midday snacks to special celebrations, a staple at Canadian gatherings.
  • Health-Conscious: Gluten-free and kosher, ensuring quality and inclusivity for all snackers.
  • Heritage Pride: A testament to Canadian snacking tradition, shared with families across generations.
  • Join the Legacy: Available for order on our website, inviting you to savor the iconic taste of Old Dutch chips.

Embrace the unique and delightful experience of Old Dutch Ketchup Chips, a flavor that's distinctly Canadian and undeniably delicious.

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3. Ruffles Ketchup Chips

Ruffles Ketchup Chips


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  • Ruffles Double Crunch Flavors: Experience double the crunch with deep-cut Ruffles ridges, kettle-cooked to achieve a crunchy perfection that elevates your snacking moments.
  • Beloved Ketchup Flavor: Each chip is generously coated with a seasoning that captures the essence of beloved ketchup, turning every bite into a vibrant taste adventure.
  • Specially Selected Ingredients: Crafted with specially selected potatoes and vegetable oil, ensuring the highest quality for every chip.
  • Gourmet Seasoning Blend: A meticulously crafted mix of sugar, salt, sodium acetate, vibrant color, acetic acid, fructose, monosodium glutamate, malic acid, rich tomato powder, citric acid, selected spices, dextrose, garlic powder, and natural flavor to coat each chip in a symphony of ketchup-inspired ruffles double crunch flavors.
  • Perfect for Sharing: Ideal for gatherings, movie nights, or whenever you need a snack that satisfies with both an intense crunch and a rich flavor.
  • Elevated Snacking Experience: Not just a snack, but an invitation to savor the moment with a chip that offers an ultimate crunch and timeless ketchup flavor.
  • Rediscover the Joy of Snacking: Dive into a bag of Ruffles Ketchup Chips and enjoy a snacking experience that celebrates flavor and texture in every bite.