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Waterbridge Allsorts Candy, 1.2kg/2.6 lbs., Bag

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Waterbridge Licorice Allsorts Candy, 1.2kg/2.6 lbs.

Find all the pieces of licorice that you love in one bag.

Coconut rolls, jelly buttons, liquorice twists, liquorice rolls, and delicious raspberry, chocolate and lemon fruit sandwiches.

Never run out of your favourite licorice snacks with our largest Waterbridge Allsorts pack ever!

Traditional English sweets designed to stand out and crafted to please.

Packaged in a resealable pouch, these treats make the perfect travel snack while also staying fresh!
Traditional Licorice Allsorts Mix
3 Individual Bags of Candy - all in one big Bag!
All the licorice you love in one bag!
Includes Jelly buttons, licorice twists, fruit sandwiches, coconut rolls, and licorice rolls
Traditional English Sweets
Resealable pouch, great for
Imported from Canada.  INGREDIENTS: Sugars (sugar, molasses, glucose syrup), Enriched wheat flour, Desiccated coconut (contains sulphites). Vegetable oils (palm, sunflower), Corn starch, Gelatin (beef), Glycerol, Cocoa powder,
INGREDIENTS CONT.: Liquorice extract, Caramel, Beet red, Turmeric extract, Paprika extract, Natural flavours, Spirulina concentrate, Carnauba wax, Fruit & vegetable concentrates (blackcurrant, black carrot).
Waterbridge Allsorts Candy, 1.2kg/2.6 lbs., Bag
Waterbridge Allsorts Candy, 1.2kg/2.6 lbs., Bag


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