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Nescafé Gold Espresso Intenso Capsules K-Cups - 30 × 10g Box

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Nescafé Gold, Espresso Intenso Capsules, 30 K-cups, 1 Box

Sip upon a bold, flavorful, high-quality cup that takes only moments to brew.

Brew an intense espresso roast coffee with robust flavor made instantly with each capsule.

Enjoy a bold, flavorful and high-quality cup of coffee that only takes moments to make.

NESCAFÉ GOLD Espresso Original, Roast & Ground Coffee Capsules (30 x 10 g) brews a smooth, delicious coffee with fruity notes.

Even more intense flavors than regular Espresso.

Made with high-quality and responsibly sourced Arabica beans for a perfect cup, every time.

Every cup you sip on is deliciously balanced, flavorful and supports a more sustainable environment.

Compatible with KEURIG K-CUP and 2.0 brewing system
Espresso Intenso Coffee
30 pods
Deliciously intense coffee made instantly with each capsule
Made with high-quality Arabica beans for a perfectly bold and delicious cup, every time
Imported from Canada  INGREDIENTS: Roast and Ground Coffee
Buy Nescafé Gold Espresso Intenso Capsules, K-Cups, 30 Count, 1 Box
Nescafé Gold Espresso Intenso Capsules K-Cups - 30 × 10g Box


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