Zingy Zaps Discontinued

Zingy Zaps Pressed Candies discontinued

Since early September 2023, we have contacted multiple distributors of the Candy Zingy Zaps in western Canada and we have received the same response: Zingy zaps pressed candies (bulk or otherwise) have been discontinued by the manufacturer, Oak Leaf Confectionaries. They currently have no plans to continue manufacture the product in the future.

We collectively mourn for this tasty candy as it has been beloved by people in both Canada and USA for many years. This candy's sweet and tart flavor was a favorite for many. We will continue to monitor the  situation and update this blog if there is any updated information. In the meantime, you can try out a similar candy below.


4.Sour Gum Chews, Wheelies

  • Sour Sensation: Indulge in the electrifying burst of tangy delight with Sour Gum Chews - Wheelies. Savor the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness in every piece, a flavor that keeps you craving more.
  • Unique Wheel Shape: Discover the playful and eye-catching wheel shape that sets these gummies apart. Each wheel is divided into bite-sized segments, making it easy to enjoy and share with friends.
  • Gummi Texture: Get ready for a mouthwatering experience as you sink your teeth into the chewy, gummi goodness of Wheelies. The delightful combination of chewiness and sourness is a treat for your taste buds.
  • Vibrant Variety: Explore a rainbow of fruit-inspired flavors, from zesty citrus to berry bonanza. With so many choices, you'll never tire of the delectable options available.
  • Shareable Delight: Make any occasion sweeter by sharing these delightful candies with friends and family. Whether it's a party, movie night, or a simple treat, the unique wheel shape adds a playful touch to your social snacking.