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Ultimate Ranking of Canada's Favorite Ketchup Chips

What is the most Canadian Snack? 

The most quintessentially Canadian snack has to be ketchup chips. These crimson-hued potato chips, dusted with a savory, tangy ketchup seasoning, hold a special place in Canadian snack culture.

Ketchup chips have deep Canadian roots, first introduced by Hostess Potato Chips in the 1970s. The flavor resonates with the Canadian palate, as ketchup is a beloved condiment in the country. The chips perfectly capture that classic Canadian fusion of sweet and tangy. Many Canadians consider ketchup chips to be the national food of Canada.

Welcome to our ultimate ranking of Canadian ketchup chips!

Canadians know a thing or two about great taste, and we absolutely love our ketchup! In this mouthwatering blog post, we'll explore a wide range of ketchup chip varieties that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From classic Canadian favorites to spicy and sweet options, we've got them all. Join us as we dive into the world of ketchup chips and rank the tangiest delights that will leave you reaching for more.


Do they sell ketchup chips in Canada?

Yes! Ketchup Chips are a Canadian favorite and the best ketchup chips are sold in Canada.

Who makes ketchup chips in Canada?

There are multiple manufacturers of Ketchup chips in Canada - they are: Lay's, Old Dutch, Hardbite, Covered Bridge, Kelloggs (Pringles), Loblaws (President's Choice Brand), Canadian Tire (Frank's), and Walmart (Great Value) 

Are Ketchup Chips only sold in Canada?

No, there are a few ketchup chip producers outside Canada (see Herr's in the USA), but you will not find the same variety of ketchup chips in any other country in the world outside Canada.

Why are ketchup chips only sold in Canada?

Ketchup chips are not exclusive to Canada, but they are notably more popular and widely available in Canada compared to many other countries. These chips originated in Canada when Hostess Potato Chips introduced them in the 1970s.

The enduring popularity of ketchup chips in Canada can be attributed to their alignment with local tastes. Ketchup is a commonly used condiment in Canadian cuisine, and the tangy, slightly sweet ketchup flavor complements potato chips exceptionally well. As a result, they have become a cherished snack in the Canadian market.

While ketchup-flavored chips are strongly associated with Canada, they can be found in some other countries, particularly where there are Canadian expatriate communities or in specialty international food stores. However, their availability in other countries may be limited due to their status as a niche flavor, as well as differing local preferences for potato chip flavors.

It's important to note that snack food preferences tend to be highly regional, with each country often having its own unique and popular potato chip flavors that might not be found elsewhere in the world.

1. Classic and Iconic: Lays Ketchup Chips

  • Canadians have been enjoying Lay's products for many years, making Lay's potato chips a Canadian favorite.
  • Lay's potato chips are made with quality potatoes, carefully washed, peeled, and sliced before being cooked to crispy perfection.
  • The irresistible combination of Lay's fresh taste and tangy tomato seasoning has become a beloved Canadian taste tradition.
  • Lay's Ketchup flavored potato chips are gluten-free, providing a delightful snack option for many.
  • Snack time just isn't complete without the timeless taste of Lay's potato chips, and the Ketchup flavor is a staple choice.
  • With a delicious range of textures and varieties available, Lay's offers something to satisfy everyone's potato chip needs.

2. Canadian Pride: Old Dutch Ketchup Chips

  • Embrace the Canadian heritage of Old Dutch Ketchup Chips, a regional delight loved across the country.
  • Old Dutch Ketchup Chips have won Eat North's Canadian Best Ketchup Chip award for their outstanding flavor and crunch.
  • Made with the finest potatoes, pure vegetable oil, and natural flavors, Old Dutch ensures a great taste and crispy texture in every chip.
  • Gluten-free and kosher, Old Dutch Ketchup Chips are a wholesome and delicious choice for Canadians.
  • From everyday snacking to special occasions, these chips are designed to bring a smile to every face.

3. Fiery and Flavorful: Miss Vickie's Spicy and Sweet Ketchup Chips

  • Indulge in the perfect balance of spicy and sweet flavors with Miss Vickie's Spicy and Sweet Ketchup Chips.
  • Crafted to deliver a unique twist on the iconic ketchup flavor, these kettle-cooked chips bring together the deliciousness of both sweet and spicy profiles.
  • Miss Vickie's chips are made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients, ensuring quality and authenticity.
  • With no artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives, these chips offer a wholesome snacking experience.
  • Kosher-certified and free from trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, Miss Vickie's Spicy and Sweet Ketchup Chips are a guilt-free treat.

4. Irresistible Crunch: Ruffles Double Crunch Ketchup Flavoured Potato Chips

  • Experience the ultimate crunch with Ruffles Double Crunch Ketchup Flavoured Potato Chips.
  • These chips offer a unique and satisfying texture with double the crunch compared to Ruffles Regular potato chips.
  • Indulge in the tangy ketchup flavor that perfectly complements the extra crunchiness.
  • Ruffles Double Crunch Ketchup Flavoured Potato Chips are kettle-cooked to perfection, ensuring a crispy bite every time.
  • Discover why these chips have become a beloved snack among chip enthusiasts.
  • Elevate your snacking experience with the unbeatable combination of intense crunch and delectable ketchup flavor.

5. Convenient Snacking: Pringles Ketchup Chips

  • Pringles Ketchup Chips are perfect for ketchup enthusiasts who want to enjoy the most amazing tomato product in a convenient snack.
  • These stackable chips offer the tanginess of ketchup flavor, neatly packed in a resealable packaging.
  • Enjoy the crispy and savory taste of Pringles Ketchup Chips without worrying about greasy fingers or mess.
  • Snack on these delicious potato chips and experience the great taste of ketchup in a convenient and enjoyable way.

6. Frank's Ruffled Ketchup Chips

  • Discover FRANK Ketchup Rippled Potato Chips: The ultimate snacking satisfaction!
  • Experience the fusion of classic potato chips and tangy ketchup goodness.
  • Meticulously crafted for an explosion of flavor in every ripple-cut chip.
  • Quality matters – made from the finest potatoes with our signature ketchup seasoning.
  • Perfect for movie nights, parties, or your personal indulgence – FRANK chips are a snacking experience in a 200-gram bag.

    7. Hardbite Ketchup Chips

    • Experience the ultimate Canadian snack sensation with Hardbite Ketchup Chips - the undisputed tangy fan favorite!
    • Elevate your snack game and escape the ordinary with these irresistible chips that pay homage to the iconic ketchup chip tradition.
    • Made from premium potatos - these chips are crunchier than others
    • Craving a flavorful reward after a hard day's work? Look no further than Hardbite Ketchup Chips, the perfect indulgence.
    • Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the unique blend of savory and tangy flavors in every crispy bite.

    8. Covered Bridge Ketchup chips

    • Indulge in the ultimate snack experience with Covered Bridge Ketchup chips – the irresistible fusion of classic ketchup and the crunch of potato chips.
    • Satisfy your taste buds with the authentic, homestyle ketchup flavor that's been expertly crafted to elevate your snacking moments.
    • Dive into the mouthwatering sensation of dipping your fries in ketchup, but with a twist that's even better – it's all in a single chip.
    • Don't miss out on this chip lover's dream – order Covered Bridge Ketchup chips now and treat yourself to a snack that's sure to delight.

    9. President's Choice Ketchup Chips

    • "Indulge in extreme snacking satisfaction with President's Choice Ketchup Chips – perfectly seasoned to the max, they're a taste explosion waiting to happen!"
    • "Experience the crunch of rippled chips like never before; our chips are not just a snack, they're a mouthwatering flavor-packed adventure."
    • "Unleash your taste buds with the bold and zesty flavor of these ketchup chips, delivering a burst of tangy delight with every bite."
    • "Why wait? Order a bag now and embark on a snacking journey that promises a delicious escape from the ordinary."
    • "Don't miss out on the snack that's causing a sensation! Order President's Choice Ketchup Chips from our website today and discover the ultimate snacking experience you've been craving!"

    10. Great Value Ketchup Chips

    • Elevate your snack game with Great Value Ketchup Chips – the ultimate choice for flavor-packed munching.
    • Whether you're hosting a lively party or enjoying a solo movie night, these classic chips are perfect for every snacking occasion.
    • Indulge in epic flavor and satisfying crunch with every chip – it's a taste sensation you won't want to miss.
    • Grab a bowl or dive right into the bag – Great Value Ketchup Chips bring a burst of irresistible ketchup goodness to your taste buds.
    • Ready to experience snack perfection? Order your Great Value Ketchup Chips now from our website and savor the deliciousness today!

    11. Great Value EXTREME Ketchup Chips

    • Elevate your snacking experience with Great Value Extreme Ketchup Chips – an explosion of tangy ketchup flavor in every bite.
    • Satisfy your snack cravings with chips that are free from artificial flavors and colors, plus they're gluten-free, making them an excellent choice for everyone.
    • From curing your everyday cravings to tackling those next-level snack attacks, these ripple chips take great taste to the max.
    • Dive into a bowl or enjoy straight from the bag – each chip is loaded with legendary flavor and a crunch that's absolutely gargantuan.
    • Ready to take your snacking to new extremes? Order Great Value Extreme Ketchup Chips from our website now and experience the ultimate in tangy, crispy delight.

    12. Cheetos Leaves Ketchup

    • Dangerously Canadian Flavors: Experience the true taste of Canada with our Cheetos Leaves Ketchup chips, featuring unique maple leaf shapes and Canada's iconic ketchup flavor.
    • Mischievous Twist: These Cheetos Leaves snacks have set aside the classic cheesy flavor for a mischievous ketchupy kick that will tantalize your taste buds.
    • Limited-Time Sensation: Hurry, this flavor is here for a limited time only. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try this bold and unique snack.
    • Family Night Favorite: Elevate your family nights with Cheetos Leaves Ketchup flavored snacks. Stock up your pantry with these crowd-pleasers and make your gatherings more enjoyable.
    • Timeless Delight: Loved by families for years, Cheetos never go out of style. Indulge in the irresistible temptation of Cheetos Leaves Ketchup chips. Get yours now!

    There you have it, the ultimate ranking of ketchup chips! From the classic and iconic Lay's Ketchup Chips to the fiery and flavorful Miss Vickie's Spicy and Sweet Ketchup Chips, each variety offers a unique twist on the tangy tomato goodness that Canadians love. Whether you crave the traditional taste or prefer an adventurous blend of flavors, these ketchup chips are sure to satisfy your snack cravings. So, grab a bag of your favorite ketchup chips, sit back, and enjoy the crunchy, savory delight that will leave you wanting more. Happy snacking!