Canada's favorite Tim Tam Flavors

Canada's favorite Tim Tam Flavors

Canada, known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture, has a hidden gem in its food culture – the delectable range of Tim Tams flavors that can be found nowhere else but in this maple-syrup-infused land. As the aroma of Canadian cuisine wafts through the air, we invite you to embark on a delightful journey through the top Tim Tam flavours products that encapsulate the essence of Canada's unique taste profile.


Tim Tam, a beloved brand of chocolate biscuits that has captured the hearts of snack enthusiasts worldwide, hails primarily from the sun-kissed shores of Australia. However, its global appeal has led to its availability in several countries, including New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and, most importantly for our culinary adventure, Canada.


Imagine savoring the symphony of flavors as two layers of chocolate malted biscuit embrace a creamy chocolate filling, all encased in a delicate veil of chocolate. It's a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that titillate the taste buds with each bite.


At Snowbird Sweets, your gateway to the best Canadian snack brands, we take immense pride in bringing you the top 5 Tim Tams products exclusive to Canada. Whether you're a connoisseur of Canadian snacks or a curious explorer of global tastes, we promise an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving for more.


So, why wait? Dive into the irresistible world of Tim Tams, a true testament to Canada's rich food culture. Don't miss your chance to indulge in these unique flavours, available only through Snowbird Sweets, your trusted source for high-quality Canadian snacks that ship right to your doorstep in the USA. Join us on this culinary adventure and discover why Tim Tams have become an integral part of Canada's snack landscape. Your taste buds will thank you.

1.  Arnott's Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits, 200g/7.1oz

  • Experience the magic of Tim Tam cookies, Australia's cherished chocolate biscuits.

  • Tim Tam Original cookies offer a perfect combination and symphony of flavors, combining crunchy biscuit, velvety chocolate cream, and a silky milk chocolate coating.

  • Elevate your snacking game with 11 Tim Tam Original Cookies in a generous 200g package, perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring during a cozy evening.

  • Embrace the rich heritage of Arnott’s chocolate biscuits, crafted with care to embody Australia's love for exceptional flavors.

  • Unlock the iconic Tim Tam Slam ritual, where the chocolaty goodness melts into your hot drink, creating a flavor explosion that tantalizes the senses.

    2.  Arnott's Tim Tam Chewy Caramel Cookies 175g

    • Chewy Caramel Goodness: Experience the irresistible allure of Tim Tam Chewy Caramel cookies, a delectable blend of flavors and textures that'll leave you craving for more.

    • Shareable Size: With 9 generously-sized cookies in each 175g package, they're perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring during a cozy movie night.

    • The Perfect Sweet Treat: Whether it's for your afternoon tea, a sweet ending to your evening dessert, or a moment of self-indulgence, Tim Tam Chewy Caramel cookies are ideal for any occasion.

    • Australian Made and Loved: These cookies proudly embody Australia's culinary heritage, adored by both locals and those discovering them from afar.

    • Elevate Your Experience: Try the iconic Tim Tam Slam by biting off diagonal corners and sipping your favorite hot drink through the cookie, then savor the velvety, chocolaty goodness.

      3.  Arnott's Tim Tam Double Coat Chocolate Cookies 200g

      • Indulge in Decadent Chocolate Delight: Experience the exquisite taste of Tim Tam Double Coat Chocolate Cookies, a heavenly fusion of textures and flavors. A crisp biscuit serves as the perfect canvas for a luscious chocolate cream filling, all enveloped in a thick layer of creamy milk chocolate.

      • Share the Joy: With 11 generously-sized Tim Tam Double Coat Cookies in every 200g package, these treats are ideal for sharing with loved ones at gatherings or enjoying solo during a cozy movie night.

      • Versatile Sweet Pleasure: Elevate your tea time, satisfy your dessert cravings, or pamper your taste buds whenever you desire with the versatility of Tim Tam cookies. They're the perfect companion for any occasion.

      • Taste the Australian Legacy: Proudly displaying the "Australian made and loved" label, Tim Tam cookies are an iconic Australian delight, embodying the essence of national pride and heritage.

      • Try the Tim Tam Slam: Elevate your Tim Tam experience with the playful and unique "Tim Tam Slam." Bite off the diagonal corners, use your Tim Tam as a straw to sip your favorite hot beverage, and let the chocolate cream melt into a delightful blend with the biscuit for an unforgettable treat.

        4.  Arnott's Tim Tam Dark Chocolate Cookies 200g

        • Prepare your favorite hot drink, be it coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

        • Bite off the diagonal corners of the Tim Tam cookie.

        • Use the Tim Tam as a straw by dipping one corner into your hot drink.

        • Sip your drink through the Tim Tam, allowing it to soften slightly.

        • Quickly savor the entire Tim Tam biscuit in your mouth to experience the velvety, chocolaty goodness.

        5.  Arnotts Tim Tam White Flavours

        • Indulge in the delightful layers of Tim Tam White Chocolate biscuits. Experience the perfect blend of textures and flavors that make these treats a beloved Australian classic.

        • Savor the satisfying crunch of our signature biscuit base, providing the ideal contrast to the creamy filling and luscious white chocolate coating.

        • Delight your taste buds with a generous and creamy white chocolate-flavored filling, nestled between two layers of biscuit, creating a heavenly and unique combination.

        • Elevate your snacking moments with the rich and indulgent real chocolate coating that envelops every Tim Tam White, adding a truly irresistible delicious touch.

        • Whether it's a snack, dessert, or a delightful treat to share with loved ones, Tim Tam White Chocolate biscuits are the iconic first choice for those who appreciate the finest in Australian chocolate biscuit craftsmanship. Order yours today and experience the magic of Tim Tam White!


        Are Tim Tams Gluten Free?

        No, Tim Tams are not typically considered gluten-free. They contain wheat flour as one of their main ingredients, which contains gluten. If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, it's important to avoid products like Tim Tams unless they are specifically labeled as gluten-free.

        However, Arnott's, the company that makes Tim Tams, now have introduced gluten-free new Tim Tam flavours or versions or variations since then. Always check the packaging and ingredient list for any product if you have dietary restrictions.