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Yupik Organic Coconut Flour, 1Kg/2.2lbs. .

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Yupik Organic Coconut Flour is finely milled flour from dried, defatted coconut meat, and without the addition of sugar!

Mildly nutty, coconut flour incorporates easily and practically as wheat flours.

Coconut flour can replace up to 20% of regular flour called for in a recipe.

Coconut flour is ideal for baking applications, as well as cooking applications!

Buy Organic Coconut Flour to keep your cupboard well-stocked with this pantry must-have!

Certified kosher.
Certified organic, Certified kosher
An alternative to wheat and grain flours
Defatted coconut = higher in protein and longer shelf life
Low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, high in fiber, protein, and iron
Yupik Organic Coconut Flour, 1Kg/2.2lbs. .
Yupik Organic Coconut Flour, 1Kg/2.2lbs. .


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