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Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla Cakes 6 Cakes

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4 boxes of Spongy Vanilla-flavoured cakes filled with luscious pastry creme. 

6 cakes per box.

Don’t be fooled by the name – this delicious dessert can be enjoyed at any time.

VACHON Moon, Fluffy Vanilla Cakes start with a spongy, vanilla-flavoured cakes and are filled with a luscious and creamy filling.

The mix of melt-in-your-mouth pastry and creme will indulge even the biggest fans of vanilla.

Plus, they’re all individually wrapped, making it easy to share, throw in your lunch box, or snack while on-the-go snack.

It’s a signature treat that’s great to enjoy, anywhere!

This is for an order of 1 Box.
6 Cakes Individually Wrapped for each box
ideal for school or work in a lunch box
Made in Quebec. Just the Best!
Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla Cakes 6 Cakes
Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla Cakes 6 Cakes


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