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Jolly Rancher Misfit Assorted Halloween Gummy 45ct- 472g/1lb

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Jolly Rancher Misfits Assorted Halloween Gummy Candy, 45ct, 472g/1 lb., Bag

Assorted candies in a fun new mashup of your favorite bold Jolly Rancher fruity flavors and shapes for fantastic gummy combinations.

Contains 45 individually wrapped jumbo Jolly Rancher Misfits gummy candies.

Flavors include: Strawberry & Lemon, Blue Raspberry & Watermelon, Green Apple & Cherry.

Great for sharing in candy bowls, lunches, Halloween trick-or-treating, or entertaining.

Also delicious to enjoy yourself. Jumbo size Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummies
2-in-1 flavor mashups
Assorted Halloween Gummies
Perfect for snacking or movie-watching
Great to hand out to Halloween trick-or-treaters
Imported from Canada.  INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Corn syrup, Modified corn starch, Malic acid, Natural and artificial flavors, Sodium citrate, Mineral oil, Carnauba wax, Color.
Buy Jolly Rancher Misfit Assorted Halloween Gummies, 45ct - 472g/1lb Bag
Jolly Rancher Misfit Assorted Halloween Gummy 45ct- 472g/1lb


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