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Galatine Original Milk Candies 125g/4.4oz Bag

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Galatine Original Milk Candies, 125g/4.4 oz. Bag

Loved by kids and moms, these milk candies contain only natural and wholesome ingredients.

Individually wrapped milk candies for everyone to enjoy.

A delicious source of Calcium and energy for children and grown-ups alike.

The iconic Italian Milk Candy - amazing flavor and quality for over 60 years.

These are no ordinary sweets, they are Galatine!


Simple & Natural Ingredients
Famous and original milk sweet
Delicious source of calcium and energy
Gluten Free
Perfect to add to any candy buffet
Imported from Canada.  INGREDIENTS: Sugars (sugar, glucose syrup, honey, maltodextrin), Skim milk powder, Whole milk powder, Skim milk yogurt powder (skim milk, bacterial cultures, Natural flavor. Contains Milk, Wheat
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Wheat and Milk
Buy Galatine Original Milk Candies 125g/4.4oz Bag
Galatine Original Milk Candies 125g/4.4oz Bag


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