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Fry's Premium Baking Cocoa Unsweetened 454g/16oz

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Cocoa is a rich antioxidant food, fine powder, ground from a cake which is produced by the application of mechanical pressure to a low roasted, alkali treated mass.

Fry's Cocoa is Dutch processed where the cocoa beans are alkalized with sodium carbonate to neutralize the acids of the cocoa.

Thus Fry's cocoa is milder in flavor and disperses more readily.

Fry's Cocoa can be used for baking, decorating, producing specialty drinks, and used in gluten-free recipes; make fudge brownies, chocolate cakes/cookies, hot cocoa/café mocha, or substitute it for unsweetened chocolate baking squares.

Ingredients: Cocoa, Sodium Carbonate. May contain milk.

FRY'S PREMIUM COCOA - 454g For Beverage & Baking Chocolate Recipes
This Is A Premium, Quality Unsweetened Kosher Cocoa
Dutch Processed Cocoa Beans Are Ideal For Creating This Superior Cocoa
It Has A Delicious & Mild Flavor That's Easy To Mix Into Your Favorite Beverage & Baking Recipes (Check out the Brownie recipe on the back)
Now You Can Make All Your Favorite Chocolate Fudge Specialties.  INGREDIENTS: COCOA, SODIUM CARBONATE
Buy Fry's Premium Baking Cocoa Unsweetened 454g/16oz
Fry's Premium Baking Cocoa Unsweetened 454g/16oz


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