Canada's coveted Nescafe Coffee Flavours

Unlock the Rich Flavors of Nescafe Espresso: Exclusive to Canada

Canada boasts a vibrant food culture that's as diverse as its breathtaking landscapes, and within this culinary tapestry, a hidden gem awaits your taste buds. Nestled amidst the maple-scented air and the majestic Rockies, Nescafe Espresso unveils a collection of flavors as unique as the Great White North itself. These delectable offerings are exclusively available in Canada, making them a must-try for coffee connoisseurs seeking an authentic Canadian experience.

Espresso, the heart and soul of many beloved coffee creations like cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and macchiatos, is not merely a bean or a roast but a meticulously crafted brew. It involves the precise process of pressurized hot water coursing through finely ground coffee beans, resulting in a concentrated elixir of bold flavor. Topped with a luscious layer of crema, a rich brown foam, Nescafe Espresso promises a full-bodied aftertaste that's nothing short of exquisite. Served in dainty demitasse-style cups, each sip delivers an intense, yet delightful experience for your palate.

Now, we invite you to explore the top 8 Nescafe Espresso flavors that have captured the hearts of Canadian coffee enthusiasts. From classic blends to innovative creations, these distinct offerings reflect the true essence of Canada's coffee culture. At Snowbird Sweets, our commitment to curating high-quality Canadian snack brands extends to Nescafe Espresso, ensuring you can enjoy these exceptional flavors, even if you're across the border in the USA.

Ready to embark on a Canadian coffee adventure like no other? Discover the exclusive world of Nescafe Espresso and elevate your coffee experience with us. Visit Snowbird Sweets' online store today, where you can find these unique Nescafe Espresso flavors and more. Don't miss out on the chance to savor the essence of Canada in every cup – it's a journey worth taking.

Experience the unparalleled richness of Nescafe Espresso, exclusively available in Canada. Explore our selection and satisfy your coffee cravings with Snowbird Sweets today!



1.Nescafe Instant Coffee Hazelnut, 100g/3.5oz

  • Indulge in the sweet, nutty goodness of hazelnut flavored instant coffee.
  • Experience the perfect fusion of NESCAFE Rich coffee with the delightful sweetness of hazelnut, packed in a 100g jar.
  • Enjoy the convenience of three 100g/3.5oz. jars, ensuring you have your favorite brew at your fingertips whenever you desire.
  • A single 100g jar yields over 150 cups of this enticing hazelnut coffee, making it a cost-effective choice for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Imported from Canada, this coffee is expertly crafted with premium ingredients, including chicory, coffee, flavor and artificial flavor, and acesulfame-potassium (6 mg / 2 g serving). Savor the rich aroma and delectable taste of NESCAFE Hazelnut Coffee.

2.NESCAFE Rich Instant Coffee, 100g Jar, (French Vanilla)

  • Indulge in NESCAFE Rich French Vanilla instant coffee, a delightful departure from your usual brew.
  • Unveil the world of pleasure with our 100g/3.5oz. jars, delivering the perfect coffee blend infused with enchanting French Vanilla.
  • Savor each guilt-free cup, as this French Vanilla-flavored delight contains only 10 calories per serving.
  • With over 50 cups per jar, your coffee journey is endless, making every morning a delightful ritual.
  • Experience the taste of Canadian perfection as you savor each sip, crafted with the finest chicory, coffee, and just the right touch of artificial flavor, all enhanced by acesulfame-potassium

3.Nescafe Rich Instant Coffee 170g/6 oz. Jar {Imported from Canada}

  • Discover the unparalleled delight of NESCAFE Rich Instant Coffee, sourced from the bountiful lands of Canada.
  • Elevate your mornings with a cup of NESCAFE Rich, a splendidly robust coffee made from 100% natural coffee beans.
  • Indulge in the rich, authentic taste of NESCAFE Rich, carefully crafted without any additives or preservatives for a pure coffee experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the satisfying flavors of NESCAFE Rich, conveniently stored in a 170g jar, promising over 85 servings of exquisite coffee moments.
  • Embrace the joy of coffee that's as smooth as NESCAFE Gold Blend, yet brimming with the signature richness that defines NESCAFE Rich. Place your order now and savor the essence of quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep.

4.Nescafe Gold Espresso Instant Coffee - 100g

  • Discover NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, a premium 100g instant coffee that surpasses all expectations in Italian-style richness, complete with a luxurious crema.
  • Elevate your coffee experience with NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, an extraordinary blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans meticulously crafted for a smooth, velvety crema that's a hallmark of Italian coffee culture.
  • Indulge in the perfection of NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, offering you a taste of coffee shop quality in an instant. Experience the richness of Italian-style coffee at the comfort of your own home.
  • Unlock the true potential of NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, ideal for brewing traditional espresso or a delicate cup of Americano. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled flavor and aroma this coffee delivers effortlessly.
  • Embrace the aromatic essence of NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, as it transcends the ordinary and invites you to savor the essence of true Italian coffee with rich crema. Order now and experience coffee like never before.

5.NESCAFE Gold Instant & Roast & Ground Coffee, 100g/3.5oz

  • Elevate your coffee experience with NESCAFE Gold Instant & Roast & Ground Coffee (100g), designed to exceed all expectations.
  • Crafted through the innovative NESCAFE roastery process, this coffee offers a rich and full-bodied taste that's perfectly balanced, ensuring a delightful cup every single time.
  • Unlock the extraordinary with our micro grind process, where premium Arabica beans are ground 10 times finer than regular coffee, revealing hidden taste and aroma notes that set this brew apart.
  • Indulge in a smooth and well-rounded medium roast that's easy to customize to your preferred taste, making every sip a personalized pleasure.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of coffee perfection with this high-quality NESCAFE product, a choice that will surpass all your expectations for instant coffee. Order your pack of 1 jar now and experience the NESCAFE roastery dark difference.

6.NESCAFE RICH Decaffeinated, Instant Coffee, 100g/3.5oz., Jar, {Imported from Canada}

  • Discover NESCAFE Rich Decaf Instant Coffee (100g), a 100% pure decaffeinated coffee with the full-bodied taste of NESCAFE Rich.
  • Kick-start your day with the perfect cup of decaffeinated goodness, a delightful blend that tantalizes your taste buds.
  • Enjoy a 100g jar of instant decaffeinated coffee, carefully crafted from 100% natural coffee beans for an authentic coffee experience.
  • Savor the purity of this coffee, as it's free of additives or preservatives, ensuring a truly unadulterated coffee pleasure.
  • Imported from Canada, this iconic coffee has been waking up Canadians for over 75 years, offering more than 50 cups of rich, satisfying coffee. Order your NESCAFE Rich Decaf Instant Coffee now and experience pure coffee bliss!

7.NESCAFE, Rich Colombian, Instant Coffee, 100g/3.5oz., Jar, {Imported from Canada}

  • Experience the bold flavors of NESCAFE Colombian coffee, crafted from 100% Colombian Arabica beans.
  • Energize your mornings with a perfect cup of NESCAFE Rich Colombian Instant Coffee, imported directly from Canada.
  • Indulge in the richness of a premium coffee blend, free from any additives or preservatives.
  • Revel in the convenience of our 100g/3.5oz. jar, yielding over 50 cups of irresistibly delicious coffee.
  • Savor the true essence of NESCAFE Colombian Blend, delivering a satisfyingly robust coffee experience. Order your NESCAFE Colombian coffee now for a taste that embodies coffee perfection.

8.NESCAFE Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla, Instant Coffee Sachets, 18x19g {Imported from Canada}

  • Indulge in the delightful flavors of NESCAFE Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla instant Coffee mix (18 x 19 g), a convenient all-in-one coffee solution.
  • Savor the rich aroma and smooth, creamy taste of medium-dark roasted coffee beans in every cup, expertly crafted for a consistent French vanilla experience.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free preparation with these single-serve packets—just add hot water to create a perfect cup of NESCAFE Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla coffee.
  • Elevate your day with this perfect pick-me-up that seamlessly fits into any routine, whether you're at home or on the go, providing the right amount of sweetness and creaminess.
  • Embrace sustainable choices, as NESCAFE is committed to responsibly sourced coffee beans and sustainable farming practices, ensuring a respectful approach to coffee cultivation.